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Surgeon General’s Warning

The material you are about to read may be harmful to your mental health.  In some clinical tests it made people’s head’s hurt.

It should only be read by those whose frustration over their inability to make sense of all that is happening to schools today seems to be expressed by something Copernicus wrote in a letter to Pope Paul III in (1543)

“… it is as though an artist were to gather the hands, feet, head and other members for his images from diverse models, each part excellently drawn, but not related to a single body, and since they in no way match each other, the result would be a monster rather than a man.”

If you feel this way… and want to try to make sense as Copernicus did… then read on.  But know that this material employs his approach to giving meaning to what people observed everyday — i.e., shift the reference point for aligning relationships (from the earth to the sun.)  This similarly presents observable events in schooling from a different point of alignment.  In this case, how everything relates to a child’s specific learning capacities.  Those capacities that schools help children develop.

Be warned! The world of schooling may look as different and as threatening to present assumptions about why things appear as they do, as the map of Copernicus’ did 400 years ago.  And your head might hurt.

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