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About Lew Rhodes
Lew Rhodes bio
Lew Rhodes Media Productions, Reports and Publications
Lew Rhodes Tapes and Films
When Public Broadcasting met Public Education…
My “problem”…
Two Points on a Learning Journey
Connecting Principles to Complex Practices: My “Simple Rules” (2007)
The Common Sense of Common Practice
How’d it happen…ask a frog!
McLuhan/Trump: When the Medium becomes the Messenger

Reports, Articles, Technology-related, 20,000 ft Memos, and Quality Network News
Beyond Your Beliefs: Quantum Leaps Toward Quality Schools
Building Capacity for Sustained Improvement AASA/Motorola Collaboration (1995)
Closing the Circle: Learning as Knowledge-Building
Connecting Leadership and Learning developed for the American Association of School Administrators
Copernicus, Deming, & Schools: Finding a System That Makes Sense (1994)
Covey, Copernicus and the Cheshire Cat (2002)
Fable for our Time
Find the System Before You Fix It!
Growth: The Common Process (2002)
HOT-WARM-COLD Feedback as Data
Impossible Dream? More on the ‘Team Sport’ of Teaching (1999)
The Influence of Deming’s “Map”
Information Management in the System of Shared Accountability-Responsibility
In Search of Leadership: The Making of a Videotape Part I and II ASCD (1985)
In Search of the 5th Why: A Learning Journey (2008)
Is There a Standard for Meeting Standards?
LEARNING FROM TEACHING: The MCPS as a System of Learners
“Malpractice” Scenario
Making Sense of the Baldrige
From Mental Models to Monday Morning
Monty Roberts and Natural Learning
On the Road to Quality from Educational Leadership (1992)
The One Thing… a simple proposal (2004)
Theory of the Business
Overcoming Barriers to Educational Restructuring: A Call for Systems Literacy Foreword by Lewis A. Rhodes, AASA Associate Executive Director and Robert Barkley, Jr. Director, NEA Learning Laboratories Initiative
Paradoxes in the Present Paradigm Excerpt from Connecting Leadership and Learning by Lew Rhodes (1997)
The Profound Knowledge School (2003)
The Pushme-Pullyu Is Alive and Well, but Dr. Doolittle Is in Trouble (2007)
Putting Unions and Management Out of Business (1999)
Right Clothes, Wrong Emperor (2000)
Right Paradoxes, Wrong Paradigm: Thinking about Getting it ‘Right’ from now on a book review by Lew Rhodes
Saving the Starfish Savers
Scaffolding* Sustained School System Change (1995)
Schools as Hospitals
Seeking New Connections: Learning, Technology and Systemic Change (1994)
The Shewart/Deming/Dewey Cycle as product of natural human “programming”
Strawberry shortcake for 25,000 people
Superintendent’s Impossible Jobs (2003)
Systemic Learning and Acting (2003)
Thinking about Rethinking Why Getting Out-of-the-Box May first require going deeper into it
Schools that Make Sense – Four-part video & Guide – presenting a new paradigm for system school system change that links the continuous learning needs of students and adults in schools – Three excerpts from the Guide (1995)
1. The First Problem of Systemic Change: Find the System Before You Fix It!
2. Making Sense of (and with) TQM
3. Narrative Summary of the video “Schools that Make Sense
Why Quality is Within our Grasp…If We Reach
Through a Black Box, Dimly ES ’70 News (1969)
Total System Management: The Leader as Convoy Commander
The Convoy Revisited 2009
Truth or Consequences Test
Understanding Education’s “Work”
We Have Met the System – And It Is Us! (Phi Delta Kappan, 1988)
Who Is the Royal ‘We’ in Reform Prescriptions? (2007)
Who Speaks for the Elephant? (1999)
Winning, Losing…and How You Play the Game (1992)
The Work of Schools (1990)

All We Really Need to Know about Technology… We Can Learn in the Restroom (1998)
Centering on Human Requirements (1972)
Distance Learning: We Finally Know Enough to Make it Work… for Us! (1989)
Doing Well By Doing Good (1986)
Education’s Technology Puzzle: Solving for the X-Factor (2000)
Getting Off the Anti-Bandwagon Bandwagon (1986)
Learning Our Way to the Future (2000)
Misfits in the Public Schools (1970)
On Computers, Personal Styles, and Being Human: A Conversation with Sherry Turkle (1986)
Seeking New Connections: Learning, Technology, and Systemic Change (1994)
Technology and Transformation: We Have Met the System…And It Is US! (1988)
The TQM-Technology Critical Connection (1992)
Using the Sticks We Have (1986)
When you go to the store to buy a drill, it’s hard to remember that what you really want is a hole (2001)

20,000 ft memos (Chronological)
What does a Superintendent Do? (1999)
Organizational Development Team memo (1999)
The Method – Mindset “Gap” … and the need for district-wide “scaffolding.” (1999)
Scaffolding Strategy memo (1999)
Working Smarter Starts Here memo (2000)
Yins Becoming Yangs (2000)
Jobs vs Roles memo (2000)
You are HERE (2000)
Lenses and Gauges (2000)
Triaging Time for Reflection (2000)
Driving Data without a Roadmap (2000)
What “System-Fixers” can learn from MCPS (2001)
Connecting some Dots (2001)
Moving Your Cheese (2001)
One Room School District memo (2001)
Thinking About What We Haven’t Thought About (2001)
Masked Man memo (2001)
Fishing in MCPS waters (2001)
When you go to the store to buy a drill, it’s hard to remember that what you really want is a hole (2001)
God-Man Memo (2002)
Baldrige Belief-Busting Epiphanies (2002)
What Goes Around…memo (2002)
Process Results memo (2002)
What am I Doing and Why? (2002)
Essential Questions plus 4 memo (2002)
Connecting the 3 Questions (2003)
Picture on the Puzzle Box (2004)
Road Building memo (2006)
The “Oliver” Twist (2006)
Working Smarter (2007)

Quality Network News (Chronological)
Beyond the Silver Bullet (1992)
Knowing…When We Don’t Know What To Do (1993)
The Impact of Deming’s Legacy (1994)
Strawberry Shortcake for 25,000 Kids (1994)
Teachers as Teaching: Person or Process (1995)
Wanted: Johnny Appletrees (1995)
Becoming Your Own Guru (1996)
Are You Ready for Leadership-by-Fact (1996)
The Two-Edged Sword of the Baldrige Education Award (1997)
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Leader (1997)

Other Resources
Creating Shared Leadership That Works From The School Administrator, by Jerry D. Weast (2008)
Engage Educators in Order to Achieve the Best Results for Students by Jerry D. Weast (2010)
Exit Interview: MoCo superintendent Jerry D. Weast on lessons learned (2011)
The Cultural Creatives From Pamphlet 131,, by Tom Heuerman (2009)
Harvard Case Studies
MCPS Strategic Plan from Montgomery County Public Schools
Six Lessons for Pursuing Excellence and Equity at Scale: Efforts in Montgomery County, Maryland, to “raise the bar and close the gap” depended on deep changes. By Stacey M. Childress
Strategies for School System Leaders on District-level Change: Breaking the Links between Race, Poverty, and Achievement Panasonic Foundation (2007)
Stupski Cross-District Analysis
Transforming Our Schools AASA (2008)
What’s Behind MCPS’ Baldrige Success (2011)


Comment from Madelyn Blair
Time June 8, 2012 at 2:21 pm

Lew, just listened to you on Plexus. I was delighted with the 3 M’s: mountains, models, and mirrors. Simply great! I look forward to reading your script. There was so very much in it. Thanks.


Comment from Ed Conrad
Time July 1, 2016 at 9:01 pm

Lew, This is a lot of interesting stuff. You must be a very busy guy. Ed

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