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Part III: Sharing the Pain

The 2nd Root Cause: The X-Factor (see Making Sense Through a Systemic Leadership and Management Lens.) Paradoxes  — those puzzling, seemingly illogical, conundrums have become a regular part of today’s educational environment. (For a full discussion see Paradoxes in the Present Paradigm) Two things we know about these puzzles: [1] They appear when we can’t […]

Part II: Sharing the Pain

The 1st Root Cause: The Quantum Paradox (see New Understanding: The Complementarity of Policy and Practice), While the characterization of the paradox’s nature as “Quantum” comes from science, the situation, as the modified Sistine Chapel metaphor, below, suggests shows up earlier. It’s a tension that, over the ages, has been “felt” more than understood. That […]

Sharing the Pain

Drilling beneath the 5th Why? …and finding a tangled surprise When things don’t work out the way we expect them to, a natural response is to ask WHY? Answers that seem to make sense then usually determine what we decide to do about it. But today there seems to be a fundamental problem with the […]

System Leadership

If you’re a Superintendent, CEO, or other system leader,  Sabu feels your pain. Why  does “leading” a total system have to be so hard? For a different way of thinking about it see “Kids, horses, teachers, …and other living things” at Monty Roberts and Natural Learning. You may be familiar with Monty Roberts because of […]