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What would __ SEE?

(Still Under Construction)

This section will ask the question:
What would theorists and practitioners — whose ways-of-thinking were already framed by a mental model structured by the same simple principles embedded in the lens – see in what the lens reveals about the ways that the MCPS has been functioning systemically for the past nine years?
(These will include theorists and observers such as Drucker, Senge, Wheatley, Deming. Covey, Jim Collins. John Kotter, Tom Friedman, Joe Jaworski, Robert Quinn.  And practitioners who have the experience-based wisdom developed from the system leadership role of CEO —  like Jeffery Immelt, Jonathan Tisch, Robert Forest-CEO Corning, Jim Sinegal-Costco’s CEO, Thomas Stewart, Craig Barrett–Intel CEO, Greg Merton.)

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